Vědecké zaměření Centra pro inovace v oboru nanomateriálů a nanotechnologií

The research of the Center for Innovations in the field of nanomaterials and nanotechnologies is aimed at the development of novel methods for the protection of the environment and the complex conservation of the artifacts of the major cultural heritage importance. The uniqueness of our approach consists in a very close connection of advanced academic research and its application in novel technologies. This focus is based on extensive expertise in the field of nanotechnology, photochemical and photocatalytic transformations. A comprehensive integrated scientific team connects scientists from the various fields of science. This enable to solve relevant issues with a major societal impact comprehensively, which represents a significant benefit.

Our research is aimed at

  • Air depollution: comprehensive photocatalytic technologies for the degradation of NOx, SOx, CO, VOCs, dust particles, etc.

  • Water depollution: novel photocatalytic technologies for the removal of emerging aqueous pollutants such as antibiotics, drugs, organics dyes, among other substances.

  • Culture heritage protection: procedures and materials for the comprehensive conservation and preventive protection of historic monuments based on the expertise of the research team in the field of materials science and nanotechnology in general and in their use for the restoration of historical artifacts in particular.

  • Scale-up: technological aspects essential for real production, suitability and ease of application.

  • Methodology developement: realistic transfer of laboratory data to the real world conditions.

  • Developed technologies evaluation: overall environmental impact, covering the potential toxicity of functional nanomaterials themselves and the products of the photocatalytic pollutant transformation.

The Center for innovations is fully integrated into the NanoEnviCz and Pro-NanoEnviCz infrastructures, which enable to solve the complex topics addressed comprehensively including all the relevant aspects.


Centrum pro inovace v oboru nanomateriálů a nanotechnologií