Ph.D. Studies

Title Organizers
Early transition metal complexes as luminescent materials and photocatalysts
Coordination compounds with hybrid ligands containing nitrogen atoms - synthesis, structure and physicochemical properties
Reactivity of binuclear catalytic centers in zeolite matrices in dioxygen and CO2 activation
Photocatalytic degradation of new types of organic pollutants in wastewater
Mechanism of photocatalytic degradation of selected biologically active water pollutants
Composite photocatalysts for the degradation of environmental poillutants
Studies of adsorption and conductance properties of molecular wires with tripodal anchoring groups
Structure-conductance relationship in redox active molecules
Transmembrane Proteins at the Boundaries of Lipid Domains
Monomolecular films at the interface of two immiscible electrolyte solutions
Role of mTORC1 signalling in intracellular processing and trafficking of Alzheimer’s disease associated amyloid precursor protein and its derivatives
Membrane Fusion at the Nanoscale
Oxidative stress as an essential modulator of Bax apoptotic activity: molecular insights by single-molecule fluorescence
Oligomerization of fibroblast grow factor 2 at model plasma membranes: a single molecule fluorescence study
The organisation/function relationship of Galectin/glycolipid complexes: molecular insights into membrane mediated protein oligomerisation
EXPRO-Project: Concert of Lipids, Ions, and Proteins in Cell Membrane Dynamics and Function