Studies of adsorption and conductance properties of molecular wires with tripodal anchoring groups

Topic: Electron transfer in molecules and molecular assemblies.

Keywords: adsorption, electron transfer, molecular wire, scanning probe microscopy

Characterization of the self-assembled monolayers on the conducting electrode materials with the aim to systematically study the dependence of the electron transfer kinetics on the number of conducting channels in the molecule. Selected compounds (molecular wires) contain reversible redox center on one side of the molecule, conducting bridge and anchoring tripod on the other side. Electrochemical methods, mainly impedance spectroscopy and scanning probe microscopies (STM and AFM) will be used. These methods will be complemented by physico-chemical techniques available in the J Heyrovsky Institute or foreign partner institutions (XPS, ellipsometry and IRRAS).



Mgr. Hromadová Magdaléna Ph.D.

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