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The Ethics Committee for Human Subjects Research (previously called Committee for the Ethics of Research Involving Human Subjects) assesses the ethical aspects of human subjects research conducted at the Institute or by persons cooperating with the Institute (including work with biological material of human origin). The ethical rules according to which the Committee assesses the submitted study are generally governed by the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights of UNESCO 2005 and other relevant documents.

When does a study require Ethics Committee approval?
Approval by the ethics committee is required for all studies involving biomedical methodological approaches (e.g. collection of blood, urine, sweat, breath or other biological material, measurement of biological parameters) for scientific research.
The approval of the study by the ethics committee may be required by the grant provider (e.g. grant agency) or the editors of scientific journals as a requirement for starting the review process.

If the clinical study, including the collection of biological samples, has already been approved at the collaborating workplace, the analysis of biological material at the workplace of the ÚFCH JH must be additionally approved by the Ethics Committee of the ÚFCH JH.

Procedure for submitting a request for the statement of an Ethics Committee:
Submit the study assessment request electronically by sending the completed and signed document in PDF format to the committee's email address

Documents required for study assessment:

  • Application for Ethical Approval (application form in Czech and English)
  • Annotation of the study, including the protocol 
  • Text of informed consent

Acceptance of the application will be confirmed by email. Your application will be reviewed within the next three weeks. You will be notified of the committee's decision by email. If the study is approved, we will send you a copy of confirmation in Czech or English that the study complies with ethical standards for social science research on humans. In case of rejection, you will be invited to revise or supplement the study.

Other documents to download: