Instrumentation of Department of Electrochemical Materials

A: Major Equipment

Integrated Scanning Probe Microsopy with Raman spectrometer

  • LabRAM HR Evolution (Horiba) - 800 focal length Raman spectrometer
  • Available excitation wavelengths: 532 and 633 nm
  • Coupling to Smart SPM (AIST-NT) for top and side optical access
  • High frequency sample piezo scanning for enhanced stability 
  • Coupling to modular TRIOS/Combiscope SPM platform for top, bottom and side access
  • XYZ objective piezo scanner for independent laser scanning
  • Fully integrated software for controlling the whole AFM-Raman setup

Advanced Atomic Force Microscopy with Quantitative Nanomechanical Mapping (QNM)

  • Bruker Dimension Icon 
  • Large area sample movement (8")
  • Online evaluation of force curves obtained in the Peak Force (PF) mode for automated adjustment of scanning parameters

Scanning probe microscopes for scanning in ambient atmosphere, in liquids and in electrochemical arrangement: 

  • Topometrix TMX 2010, 
  • NanoScope IIIa Multimode (Bruker)

Electrochemical Equipment: 

  • Potentiostats/galvanostats: POS 2 Bank Elektronik, HEKA PG590, Bipotentiostat DM1000 TopoMetrix.
  • Potentiostats Autolab Metrohm ( PGSTAT101, PGSTAT302N equipped with FRA32 for EIS, PGSTAT30, PGSTAT302N, PGSTAT101, 2 x μAutolab type III)
  • Multichannel automated battery test system Maccor

Photoelectrochemistry and UV-Vis spectroscopy: 

  • Solar Cell Spectral Response / IPCE / QE Measurement System Model IPX8, PV Measurement
  • Solar Cell I-V Curve Measurement System, IV5, PV Measurement
  • UV-VIS-NIR spectrometer Perkin Elmer Lambda 1050
  • Oriel Hg lamp 
  • Oriel Xenon lamp, model 6269
  • UV/VIS/NIR Spectrophotometer Lambda 19 (Perkin-Elmer)
  • Home build photoreactors
  • Fluorescence detector HP-1000

Other equipment

  • Profilometer VEECO Dektak150, Bruker
  • Field emission Scanning Electron Microscope Hitachi S-4800 I -with additional EDX and EBSD detector
  • Carbon analyzer TOC-V WS (Shimadzu)
  • HPLC System 1100 Series (Agilent)
  • Glove box Jacomex
  • Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) PICOSUNTM R-200 Standard with integrated ozone generator PICOZONETM PZ-100

B: Available Methods

Coupled AFM - Raman

  • Tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (TERS)
  • Raman spectroscopy
  • Correlated AFM-Raman spectroscopy
  • Photocurrent mapping with nm resolution
  • All standard SPM methods, incl. conductive ones

Advanced AFM

  • Peak Force QNM (PF QNM) - simultaneous topography and mechanical characterization
  • Peak Force Tunneling AFM (PF TUNA) - simultaneous PF QNM plus electrical characterization
  • All standard SPM methods

In situ and electrochemical SPM techniques

  • Scanning tunneling and atomic force microscopy and spectroscopy (STM, AFM) in-situ/ex-situ, inflow and in controlled atmosphere at elevated/lowered ambient pressure, 
  • Electrochemical AFM/STM, 
  • Scanning electrochemical microscopy (SECM)


  • Potentiostatic and galvanostatic measurements; chronomethods (chronoamperometry, chronopotentiometry)
  • Cyclic voltammetry, 
  • Potentiometry (OCP), 
  • Coulometry, 
  • Differential pulse voltammetry (DPV)
  • Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy

Photoelectrochemistry and spectroscopy

  • UV-VIS spectroscopy 
  • IPCE measurements 
  • Solar efficiency and volt-ampere characteristics 
  • Photodegradation

High performance liquid chromatography

  • Scanning electron microscopy with EDX and EBSD analysis

C: Auxiliary equipment

UV-VIS-NiR absorption spectrometer

  • 3-detector Perkin Elmer Lambda 1050 incl. 60 mm reflectance sphere

Magnetron sputtering

  • Quorum Technologies dual target sputtering system Q300TD

Dip coater 

  • idLAB

Spin coater 

  • Laurell Technologies Corporation

UV-Vis fiber optic spectrometer 

  • Ocean Optics SD1000,

Precision potential meter 

  • Wenking PPM 98, Bank Elektronik

Ultrasound generators

  • Bandelin Sonopuls 20 kHz/100W
  • BTL4000 1MHz/3MHz 
  • Woodpecker UDS-L 20 kHz/3-20W

Department of Electrochemical Materials