In the second round of the Programme for Application Development and Commercialization of the CAS we received support for our project

The Academy of Sciences supported our project Heyrovský Instrument Boutique in the second round of the PRAK (Programme for Development of Applications and Commercialization of the CAS). The aim of the project is to identify and register the underlying know-how of the Jaroslav Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry of the CAS.

The outputs will be the formalisation of the intellectual property and know-how in question, the design of the model of the founding spin-off company and its capital and licensing relationship to the Institute, and the assembly of the founding team. The aim is to establish a spin-off that will use this know-how on the basis of a licensing agreement with the Institute. The main activity will be the custom manufacturing of data processing instruments and systems including software. Selected products may also be produced in small series.