Intellectual property

Reaserch at the J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry of the CAS, v.v.i. produces a number of R&D outcomes. Intellectual property with a high application potential is being protected and managed by the Institute in the form of industrial property. We typically offer these results for licensing.

Below is the list of available active industrial property:

Document number Industrial property type English name of the industrial property
307177 Patent A catalyst for hydroisomerization of C4-C7 alkanes, its preparation and use
307885 Patent A method of producing a porous diamond layer and a thick porous diamond layer reinforced by nanofibres
307576 Patent A method of producing SSZ-13 zeolite
307189 Patent A method of production of catalysts of a perovskite structure, catalysts perovskite structure and their use for high temperature decomposition of N2O
305861 Patent Catalyst for selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides, process of its preparation and use
305490 Patent Cleaning mixture for removing coatings of terpenoidal resins
305526 Patent Cleaning mixture for removing coatings of water-based dispersions of acrylate polymers and method of removing thereof
305527 Patent Cleaning mixture for removing hydrophobic protective coatings and method of removing thereof
305528 Patent Cleaning mixture for removing hydrophobic protective coatings based on organosilicon polymers
305475 Patent Cleaning mixture for removing waxes and mixture of organic substances and cleaning method
306410 Patent Low temperature hydroisomerization of light paraffins using a highly efficient catalyst on the basis of zeolite
308566 Patent Preparing inorganic nanofibres, in particular for use as heterogeneous catalysts, and inorganic nanofibres
305801 Patent Process for preparing photocatalycally active material with foamy structure
308130 Patent Process for producing zeolite SSZ-13 with mechanochemical activation
36916 Patent Radiator housing with air cleaner
309441 Patent Use of catalyst for producing methanol from methane and producing methanol from methane
30198 Utility model Acrylate coating composition with photocatalytic function
31688 Utility model An acrylate paint with a photocatalytic function
32603 Utility model Cyclopentadienyl arene complexes of ruthenium for the preparation of drugs that inhibit the migration and invasiveness of tumor cells
33848 Utility model Photocatalytically active powder additive for concrete
33847 Utility model Photocatalytically active surface cement screed
30113 Utility model Sensor for detection of carbon monoxide presence and concentration