23rd Joint meeting of Biophysical Chemists and Electrochemists 2023

Heyrovský Institute- R. Brdička Hall
1.11.2023 - 2.11.2023

We cordially invite you to the 23rd Joint meeting of Biophysical Chemists and Electrochemists 2023. 

The "Joint Meeting of Biophysicists and Electrochemists" is an annual event continuing a long tradition where scientists from the fields of biophysics and electrochemistry meet.

Program (PDF file)

The main topics in the scope of the meeting are:

  • Electrochemistry and biophysics of molecular (redox) interactions
  • Biosensing and electroanalysis
  • Single-molecule spectroscopy and nanoscopy
  • Molecular electrochemistry and biocatalysis
  • In-silico calculations of molecular interactions  
  • Biointerfaces

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