Jiří Ludvík

Jiří Ludvík, 68, molecular electrochemistry, coordination chemistry. Since 1977 employment in the J. Heyrovský Inst., since 1990 lectures (Electrochemistry) in Prague University of Chemistry and Technology (VŠCHT). More than 50 students from high school, Bc, MSc, PhD. Married for 41 years, 4 adult children, 9 grandchildren. Music and sports passively as well as actively.

Why I decided to become a mentor

I like chemistry, I learned a lot from my older colleagues, I have experiences with research, students, but also with combination of science and family life.

Candidate requirements

Any student, postdoc.

Areas of possible mentoring

Work-life balance; insight into a similar field; how to apply for a grant; how to write a good publication; how to start a team; how to lead your team; how to deal with stress if your measurements are not good; shall I find an internship abroad; how long internship to choose; how to combine a career with starting a family, ...

What can you expect from me in mentoring?

Personal experiences, a "global" view on human life (not only on the research and career)

What can't you expect from me in mentoring?

The opinion that the career, success and world awards are the most important in life.

Meeting frequency

Face-to-face meeting whenever it is needed.

We will communicate in

Czech, English

My motto

Devotion, reliability and joy of life.