Publications 2005

Research Papers in Periodicals

1. Kardahakis S., Pittner Jiří, Čársky Petr, Mavridis A.
Multireference configuration interaction and coupled-cluster calculations on the X3 Sigma-, a1Delta, and b1Sigma+ states of the NF molecule. 
International Journal of Quantum Chemistry. 104 (4), 458-467 (2005). 

2. Kerkines I. S. K., Čársky Petr, Mavridis A.
A multireference coupled-cluster potential energy surface of diazomethane, CH2N2. 
Journal of Physical Chemistry. A. 109 (44), 10148-10152 (2005). 

3. Pittner Jiří, Demel Ondřej
Towards the multireference Brillouin-Wigner coupled-clusters method with iterative connected triples: MR BWCCSDT-alpha approximation. 
Journal of Chemical Physics. 122 (18), 181101-181106 (2005). 

4. Pittner Jiří, Li X., Paldus J.
Multi-reference Brillouin-Wigner coupled-cluster method with a general model space. 
Molecular Physics. 103 (15-16), 2239-2245 (2005).

5. Teberekidis V.I., Kerkines I.S.K., Tsipis C.A., Čársky Petr, Mavridis A.
Ground states of BeC and MgC: A comparative multireference Brillouin-Wigner coupled cluster and configuration interaction study. 
International Journal of Quantum Chemistry. 102 (5), 762-774 (2005). 

6. Pick Štěpán, Demangeat C.
Density-functional study of oxidation at the Mn-Co interface. 
Surface Science. 584 (2-3), 146-152 (2005). 

7. Fišer J., Polák Rudolf
Electron affinities of BN, NO and NF: Coupled cluster and multireference configuration interaction calculations. 
Collection of Czechoslovak Chemical Communications. 70 (7), 923-940 (2005).

8. Paidarová Ivana, Durand P.
Effective couplings between quantum resonances: application to the resonant dissociation of the 6Li 7Li molecule. 
Czechoslovak Journal of Physics. 55 (2) 203-216 (2005).

9. Paidarová Ivana, Sauer S. P. A.
Calculations of dipole and quadrupole polarizability radial functions for LiH and HF: A comparison of different linear response methods. 
Advances in Quantum Chemistry. 48, 185-208 (2005). 

10. Srnec Martin, Zahradník Rudolf
Diatomics AB (A = Be, Mg; B=O, S) and oligomers thereof: A theoretical study. 
Chemical Physics Letters. 407 (4-6), 283-288 (2005). 

11. Zahradník Rudolf, Srnec Martin, Havlas Zdeněk
Electronic spectra of conjugated polyynes, cumulenes and related systems: A theoretical study. 
Collection of Czechoslovak Chemical Communications. 70, 559-578 (2005). 

12. Zahradník Rudolf, Šroubková Libuše
Formation and physical characteristics of van der Waals molecules, cations, and anions: Estimates of complete basis set values. 
International Journal of Quantum Chemistry. 104 (1), 52-63 (2005). 

13. Herman Zdeněk
Studies of hydrocarbon ion collisions with carbon surfaces in the Association EURATOM-IPP.CR. 
EFDA Fusion Newsletter. 3, 7-7 (2005). 

14. Jašík Juraj, Žabka Ján, Feketeová L., Ipolyi I., Märk T. D., Herman Zdeněk
Collisions of slow polyatomic ions with surfaces: Dissociation and chemical reactions of C2H2+, C2H3+, C2H4+ C2H5+, and their deuterated variants C2D2+ and C2D4+ on room-temperature and heated carbon surfaces. 
Journal of Physical Chemistry. A. 109 (45), 10208-10215 (2005). 

15. Tepnual T., Feketeová L., Grill V., Scheier P., Herman Zdeněk, Märk T. D.
Surface collisions of formic acid cations HCOOH+ and DCOOD+ with a hydrocarbon-covered stainless steel surface. 
International Journal of Mass Spectrometry. 244 (2-3), 164-170 (2005).

16. Devlin J. P., Fárník Michal, Suhm M. A., Buch V.
Comparative FTIR spectroscopy of HX adsorbed on solid water: Ragout-jet water clusters vs ice nanocrystal arrays. 
Journal of Physical Chemistry. A. 109 (6), 955-958 (2005).

17. Fárník Michal, Nahler N. H., Buck U., Slavíček P., Jungwirth P.
Photodissociation of HBr on the surface of Ar-n clusters at 193 nm. 
Chemical Physics. 315 (1-2), 161-170 (2005). 

18. Fárník Michal, Toennies J. P.
Ion-molecule reactions in 4He droplets: Flying nano-cryo-reactors. 
Journal of Chemical Physics. 122 (1), 014307 (2005). 

19. Roithová Jana, Schröder D., Schwarz H.
Decomposition of neutral, singly, and doubly protonated benzoquinone in the gas phase. 
Chemistry - A European Journal. 11 (13), 628-638 (2005).

20. Roithová Jana, Schröder D., Schwarz H.
Unimolecular fragmentation of CH3NH2: Towards a mechanistic description of HCN formation. 
European Journal of Organic Chemistry. 15, 3304-3313 (2005). 

21. Schraml J., Tkadlecová M., Pataridis S., Soukupová L., Blechta V., Roithová Jana, Exner O.
Ring-Substituted Benzohydroxamic Acids: 1H, 13C and 15N NMR Spectra and NHOH Proton Exchange. 
Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry. 43 (7), 535-542 (2005).

22. Marešová V., Hampl J., Chundela Z., Zrcek F., Polášek Miroslav, Chadt J.
The identification of a chlorinated MDMA. 
Journal of Analytical Toxicology. 29 (5), 353-358 (2005).

23. Yao Ch., Cuadrado-Peinado M. L., Polášek Miroslav, Tureček F.
Specific generation of 1-methylcytosine radicals in the gas phase. 
Angewandte Chemie. International Edition in English. 44 (41), 6708-6711 (2005).

24. Polášek Miroslav, Kaczorowska Malgorzata, Hrušák Jan
Iso-nitrous acid radical cation in the gas phase: first experimental evidence. 
Chemical Physics Letters. 402 (1-3), 138-142 (2005).

25. Yao Ch., Cuadrado-Peinado M. L., Polášek Miroslav, Tureček F.
Gas-phase tautomers of protonated 1-methylcytosine. Preparation, energetics, and dissociation mechanisms. 
Journal of Mass Spectrometry. 40, 1417-1428 (2005). 

26. Asghar R. B., Diskin A. M., Španěl Patrik, Smith D., Davis S. J.
Influence of convection on the diffusive transport and sieving of water and small solutes across the peritoneal membrane. 
Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. 16 (2), 437-443 (2005). 

27. Dryahina Kseniya, Španěl Patrik
A convenient method for calculation of ionic diffusion coefficients for accurate selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry, SIFT-MS. 
International Journal of Mass Spectrometry. 244 (2-3), 148-154 (2005).

28. Smith D., Španěl Patrik
Selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry (SIFT-MS) for on-line trace gas analysis. 
Mass Spectrometry Reviews. 24 , 661-700 (2005).

29. Smith D., Španěl Patrik
Selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry (sift-MS) for on-line trace gas analysis. 
Mass Spectrometry Reviews. 24 (5), 661-700 (2005). 

30. Španěl Patrik, Wang T., Smith D.
Coordinated FA-MS and SIFT-MS analyses of breath following ingestion of D2O and ethanol; total body water, dispersal kinetics and ethanol metabolism. 
Physiological Measurement. 26 (4), 447-457 (2005). 

31. Engel B., Španěl Patrik, Smith D., Diskin A. M., Davis S. J.
Longitudinal measurements of total body water and body composition in healthy volunteers by online breath deuterium measurement and other near-subject methods. 
International Journal of Body Composition Research. 2 (3), 99-106 (2005). 

32. Baše T., Bastl Zdeněk, Plzák Z., Grygar T., Plešek J., Carr M.J., Malina V., Šubrt J., Boháček J., Večerníková E., Kříž O.
Carboranethiol-modified gold surfaces. A study and comparison of modified cluster and flat surfaces
Langmuir 21(17), 7776-7785 (2005).

33. Dřínek V., Vacek K., Yuzhakov G., Bastl Zdeněk
Interaction between the Silyl and Silylen Centres in the Deposits Prepared by Pulsed Laser Ablation of Silicon Monoxide and Ammonia, Methylamine and Dimethylamine. 
Applied Physics A-Materials Science and Processing. 81 (5), 1019-1023 (2005). 

34. Durani S. M. A., Khawaja E. E., Masoudi H. M., Bastl Zdeněk, Šubrt Jan, Galíková Anna, Pola Josef
IR laser ablative desulfurization of poly (1,4-phenylene sulfide). 
Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis. 73 (1), 145-149 (2005).

35. Galíková A.. Bastl Zdeněk, Alexandrescu R., Morjan I., Pola J.
Thermal Behaviour of Polyoxocarbosilane Shells in Fe-based (core) – Polyoxocarbosilane (Shell) Nanocomposites. 
Thermochimica Acta. 439 (1-2), 80-85 (2005). 

36. Holzhauser P., Bouzek K., Bastl Zdeněk
Electrocatalytic properties of polypyrrole films prepared with platinate(II) counter-ions. 
Synthetic Metals. 155, 501-508 (2005). 

37. Melegy A. A., Ismael I. S., Bastl Zdeněk
A comparative study of the adsorbed Pb(II), Cd (II) and Zn (II) on smectite, kaolinite and illite using XPS. 
Erzmetall. 58, 283-290 (2005). 

38. Morita H., Semba K., Bastl Zdeněk, Šubrt J. Pola J.
N2 Laser-induced Formation of Copolymeric Ultrafine Particles in a Gaseous Tetraethenylgermane - Carbon Disulfide Mixture. 
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology. A - Chemistry Section. 171 (1), 21-26 (2005). 

39. Ouchi A., Tsunoda T., Bastl Zdeněk, Maryško M., Vorlíček V., Boháček J. Vacek K., Pola J.
Solution Photolysis of Ferrocene into Fe-Based Nanoparticles. 
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology. A - Chemistry Section. 171, 251-256 (2005). 

40. Pola J., Herlin-Boime N., Brus J., Bastl Zdeněk, Vacek K., Šubrt J., Vorlíček V.
IR Laser Production of Nano-Structured Polyborocarbosiloxane Powders with Si-O-B Bonds. 
Solid State Sciences. 59, 123-131 (2005).

41. Pola J., Maryško M., Vorlíček V., Bastl Zdeněk, Galíková A., Vacek K., 
Alexandrescu R., Dumitrache F., Morjan I., Albu L., Prodan G.
Infrared Laser Synthesis and Properties of Magnetic Nano-Iron-Polyoxocarbosilane Composites. Applied OrganometallicChemistry. 205 (19), 1015-1021 (2005). 

42. Pola J., Pokorná D., Diánéz M.J., Sayagués M.J., Bastl Zdeněk, Vorlíček V.
IR laser-induced synthesis of nanostructured gemanium telluride in the gas phase
Applied Organometallic Chemistry 19(7), 854-858 (2005).

43. Morita H., Semba K., Bastl Zdeněk, Šubrt Jan, Pola Josef
N-2 laser-induced formation of copolymeric ultrafine particles in a gaseous tetraethenylgermane-carbon disulfide mixture. 
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry. 171, 21-26 (2005).

44. Ouchi A., Tsunoda T., Bastl Zdeněk, Maryško M., Vorlíček V., Boháček J., Vacek K., Pola J.
Solution photolysis of ferrocene into Fe-based nanoparticles. 
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45. Plšek Jan, Hrubý Pavel, Nikiforov K., Knor Zlatko
Properties of physisorbed water layers on gold revealed in a FEM study. 
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Chemical actions of laser sparks. 
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Millimeter wave spectrum of bromomethyl radical, CH2Br. 
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48. Bailleux S., Dréan P., Zelinger Zdeněk, Godon M.
The Submillimeter-wave Spectrum of the Chloromethyl Radical, CH2Cl, in the Ground Vibronic State. 
Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy. 229, 140-144 (2005). 

49. Civiš Svatopluk, Horká Veronika, Cihelka Jaroslav, Šimeček T., Hulicius E., 
Oswald J., Pangrác J., Vicet A., Rouillard Y., Salhi A., Alibert C., Werner R., Koeth J.
Room temperature diode laser photoacoustic spectroscopy near 2.3 .mu.m. 
Applied Physics B-Lasers and Optics. 81, 857-861 (2005).

50. Civiš Svatopluk, Horká Veronika, Šimeček T., Hulicius E., Pangrác J., Oswald J., Petříček O., Rouillard C., Alibert C., Werner R.
GaSb based lasers operating near 2.3 .mu.m for high resolution absorption spectroscopy. 
Spectrochimica Acta Part A-Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy. 61, 3066-3069 (2005). 

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Time-resolved Fourier transform infrared emission spectroscopy of H3+ molecular ion. 
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Laser diode photoacoustic detection in the infrared and near infrared spectral ranges. 
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53. Juha L., Bittner M., Chvostová D., Krása J., Kozlová M. Pfeifer M., Polan J., 
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Grisham M. E., Vaschenko G. O., Menoni C.S., Rocca J.J., Fiedorowicz H.
Short-wavelength ablation of molecular solids: pulse duration and wavelength effects. 
Journal of Microlithography, Microfabrication, and Microsystems. 4 (3), 033007/1-033007/11 (2005). 

54. Kubát Pavel, Lang K., Zelinger Zdeněk, Král V.
Formation of lanthanide(III) texaphyrin complexes with DNA controlled by the size of the central metal cation. 
Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry. 99 (8), 1670-1675 (2005). 

55. Kubát Pavel, Lang Kamil, Janda Pavel, Anzenbacher P. Jr.
Interaction of Porphyrins with a Dendrimer Template: Self-Aggregation Controlled by pH. 
Langmuir. 21, 9714-9720 (2005). 

56. Urban Štěpán, Kania Patrik, Šimečková Marie, Winnewisser G., Yamada K. M. T.
Apparent pressure shift of rotational transitions as a consequence of the unresolved hyperfine structure. 
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57. Benda Aleš, Hof Martin, Wahl M., Patting M., Erdmann R., Kapusta P.
TCSPC upgrade of a confocal FCS microscope. 
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Diffusion of sphingomyelin and myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein in the membrane of OLN-93 oligodendroglial cells studied by fluorescence correlation spectroscopy. 
Comptes Rendus Biologies. 328 (12), 1057-1064 (2005). 

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DNA condensation characterised by fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS). 
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Journal of Physical Chemistry. A. 109, 10803-10812 (2005). 

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Propidium iodide and PicoGreen as dyes for the DNA fluorescence correlation spectroscopy measurements. 
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Influence of the curvature on the water structure in the headgroup region of phospholipid bilayer studied by the solvent relaxation technique. 
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63. Lhotský Alexandr, Mareček Vladimír, Záliš Stanislav, Samec Zdeněk
Specific adsorption of tetraalkylammonium cations at the water/1,2-dichlorethane interface revisited. 
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Compact poly-pyrrole layers formed at a liquid vertical bar liquid interface. 
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Use of polished and mercury film-modified silver solid amalgam electrodes in electrochemical analysis of DNA. 
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The Golden ratio, ionic and atomic radii and bond lengths. 
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67. Pelclová D., Navrátil Tomáš
Do Corticosteroids Prevent Oesophageal Structure After Corrosive Ingestion?. 
Toxicological Reviews. 24 (2), 125-129 (2005). 

68. Přistoupilová K., Přistoupil T. I., Navrátil Tomáš, Heyrovský Michael, Šenholdová Z., 
Pelclová D.
Daily rhythm of urinary excretion of thiodiglycolic acid (TDGA) in humans under different health conditions and treatment. 
Analytical Letters. 38 (4), 613-627 (2005). 

69. Šenholdová Z., Navrátil Tomáš, Přistoupilová,K., Přistoupil T. I., Heyrovský Michael, Kohlíková E., Petr M.
Metabolic pathways leading to hyperhomocysteinemia. 
Ateroskleróza. 9, 3-4, 93-96 (2005).

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Graphite Composite Electrode in Voltammetry. 
Analytical Letters. 38, 1747-1758 (2005). 

71. Bortnovsky O., Sazama Petr, Wichterlová Blanka
Cracking of pentenes to C2-C4 light olefins over zeolites and zeotypes - Role of topology and acid site strength and concentration. 
Applied Catalysis A - General. 287 (2), 203-213 (2005).

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Oxidation of propane with oxygen, nitrous oxide and oxygen/nitrous oxide mixture over Co- and Fe-zeolites. 
Catalysis Today. 100 (3-4), 315-319 (2005). 

73. Sazama Petr, Čapek Libor, Drobná H., Sobalík Zdeněk, Dědeček Jiří, Arve K., Wichterlová Blanka
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Journal of Catalysis. 232 (2), 302-317 (2005).

74. Sazama Petr, Wichterlová Blanka
Selective catalytic reduction of NOx by hydrocarbons enhanced by hydrogen peroxide over silver/alumina catalysts. 
Chemical Communications. č. 38, 4810-4811 (2005). 

75. Wichterlová Blanka, Sazama Petr, Breen J. P., Burch R., Hill C. J., Čapek Libor, Sobalík Zdeněk
An in situ UV-vis and FTIR spectroscopy study of the effect of H2 and CO during the selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides over a silver alumina catalyst. 
Journal of Catalysis. 235 (1), 195-200 (2005). 

76. Čapek Libor, Novoveská Kateřina, Sobalík Zdeněk, Wichterlová Blanka, Cider L., Jobson E.
Cu-ZSM-5 zeolite highly active in reduction of NO with decane under water vapor presence - Comparison of decane, propane and propene by in situ FTIR. 
Applied Catalysis. B - Environmental. 60, (3-4), 201-210 (2005).

77. Čapek Libor, Kreibich Viktor, Dědeček Jiří, Grygar T., Wichterlová Blanka, 
Sobalík Zdeněk , Martens J. A., Brosius, R. ,Tokarová V.
Analysis of Fe species in zeolites by UV-VIS-NIR, IR spectra and voltammetry. Effect of preparation, Fe loading and zeolite type. 
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials. 80, (1-2), 279-289 (2005).

78. Čapek Libor, Dědeček Jiří, Wichterlová Blanka, Cider, L., Jobson, E., Tokarová, V.
Cu-ZSM-5 zeolite highly active in reduction of NO with decane - Effect of zeolite structural parameters on the catalyst performance. 
Applied Catalysis. B - Environmental. 60 (3-4), 147-153 (2005).

79. Nováková Jana, Schwarze Michael, Sobalík Zdeněk
Role of zeolitic oxygens during the decomposition of 15N2 18O over Fe-ferrierite. 
Catalysis Letters. Roč. 104 (3-4), 157-162 (2005).

80. Nováková Jana, Sobalík Zdeněk
N2O decomposition and formation of NOx species on Fe-ferrierite. Effect of NO and CO addition on the decomposition and the role of surface species. 
Catalysis Letters. 105 (3-4), 169-177 (2005).

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Polycrystalline silicalite-1 layers: texture and kinetics of growth. 
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Langmuir. 21, 2591-2597 (2005).

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Mesoporous molecular sieves for the synthesis of fine chemicals. 
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MCM-41 anchored Schrock catalyst Mo(=CHCMe2Ph)(=N-2,6-i-Pr2C6H3)[OCMe(CF3)2]2-activity in 1-heptene metathesis and cross-metathesis reactions. 
Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical. 232 (1-2), 53-58 (2005). 

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