The partnership of NanoEnviCz and MGML research infrastructures will bring new opportunities for sharing technologies and instrumentation in materials research

A joint declaration on cooperation between NanoEnviCz (Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies for Environment Protection and Sustainable Future) and MGML (Materials Growth & Measurement Laboratory) research infrastructures was signed in early August 2020. Both sides reaffirm their intention to work closely together in the fields of science and research.

Technology sharing and joint projects

The aim of mutual cooperation is to optimize the operation of two research infrastructures and maximize the use of available financial, material and human resources. The cooperation will be focused on sharing knowledge, technical know-how and instrumentation. The preparation of joint projects and the development of a common user portal are also planned.

Open access

Both partner infrastructures are in their fields considered as unique facilities with expert knowledge and technological instrumentation, which are operated on the principle of open access policy. Research capacity is available for use by all potential users from scientific organizations and innovative companies. The ability to use individual laboratory equipment and technologies to enable external users to achieve breakthrough knowledge in the areas of basic and applied research, accelerate the development of advanced technologies as the bearer of economic growth, societal change and innovation at high added value.


NanoEnviCz integrates the infrastructure facilities of Czech research organizations for research in nanotechnology sciences.

The program is focused on research in the field of nanomaterials and nanocomposites for environmental and related applications. Our services include controllable syntheses of nanomaterials, their complex chemical, structural, morphological and surface characterization, tuning their functional properties, monitoring their potential toxicity and hazard.


The main mission of MGML is to provide the broad scientific community with unique possibilities for comprehensive experimental studies of a wide collection of physical phenomena and properties of well-defined materials in various external conditions. The main strategic objective of MGML is the excellence of the infrastructure on the international scale.

MGML offers open access for external users to the instrument suite dedicated to measurements of a rich spectrum of physical properties of materials in a wide range of temperatures, magnetic and electrical fields, and hydrostatic uniaxial pressures. The MGML technology facilities are enabling controlled preparation and characterization of high-quality samples (single crystals and polycrystals) of materials of various types which is available to users who have not their own well-characterized samples needed for measurements.