12 talented students received the Jaroslav Heyrovský Foundation Awards for 2022

At the annual ceremony of the Jaroslav Heyrovský Foundation Awards students nominated for the awards, their teachers, family members, representatives of scientific and educational institutions and other guests gathered at the J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry in Prague 8. The awards were presented this year to 12 winners and selected laureates of Czech student subject Olympiads (9) and creative competitions, i.e. 4 awards for works of the Secondary School Vocational Activity (SSVA), announced by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic. 

The ceremony took place on Thursday, 15 December 2022, in the Rudolf Brdička Hall of the J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry of the CAS in Prague 8. In addition to a financial award, the awarded students received a diploma, a commemorative medal of Jaroslav Heyrovský, books from Academia Publishing House and a year's subscription to the journal Vesmír. For several years, the NFJH has been supported by Metrohm CZ, s.r.o., the IOCB Tech Foundation and Data Apex, s.r.o.

In addition to the students, their teachers and other professional staff who support them in their scientific endeavours as consultants were also awarded (13 people). The authors of 4 SSVA papers presented the results of their award-winning work in short presentations. 

The NFJH awards for 2022 were presented to the following winners of the subject Olympiads: 

Samuel Rosiar - Mathematical Olympiad - category A 
Benjamin Swart - Mathematical Olympiad - programming category 
Jiri Kohl - Physics Olympiad 
Jiří Kohl - Astronomy Olympiad - category AB
Václav Verner - Chemistry Olympiad - category A 
Jan Materna - Biological Olympiad 
Martin Mlečka - Geography Olympiad 
Petr Vajgl - History Olympiad 
Eliška Zemanová - Czech Language Olympiad 

for successful works in the national round of the Secondary School Vocational Activity Competition (SSVA): 

Matyas Výhonský - in the field 02 - Physics, 3rd place 
Nikola Junková - in the field 07 - Agriculture, Food Science, 2nd place 
Marek Hanus - in 10- Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications, 8th place 
Michaela Marta Uhlířová, in the field 17 - Philosophy, Political Science, 1st place 

By supporting talented Czech students, the Jaroslav Heyrovský Foundation strives to fulfil the scientific and human legacy of Professor Jaroslav Heyrovský, the first Czechoslovak Nobel Prize winner. The annual award ceremony of the JH Foundation is timed to coincide with the anniversary of his birth (*20 December 1890).