Students seminar 2023

The Student Seminar will be held at our Institute from 23 May to 24 May 2023. During this seminar, our students will present their bachelor's, master's and doctoral theses. The seminar gives students the opportunity to come together to deepen discussion and collaboration between departments and groups that deal with different disciplines within our institute. It also provides a space for intergenerational discussion, where the older established scientists in the audience can offer advice and pass on their experience in discussions to younger colleagues, and in turn learn from student presentations about work in other departments. Emphasis is also placed on informal discussions and exchange of experiences outside the lecture hall during coffee breaks and the banquet. Last but not least, students have the opportunity to practice their presentation skills at the seminar.

This year, a record number of participants will be presenting their work - 6 bachelor's and master's students and 30 PhD students.

You are cordially invited to the seminar.


List of presenters

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Students seminar 2023