Karolína Salvadori received the Jean-Marie Lehn Award for Chemistry

Karolína Salvadori was awarded the Jean-Marie Lehn Prize for the best student scientific work in chemistry by French Ambassador Stéphane Crouzat. This award is jointly organized by the French Embassy in Prague and the IOCB Tech Foundation. It recognizes the research efforts of Czech students working on their doctoral studies. Congratulations to Karolína!

Award Ceremony at the French Embassy

On June 28, 2024, the awards ceremony for the 30th annual competition for scientific papers by doctoral students and recent PhD graduates (under 33 years old) took place at the French Embassy in the Czech Republic, in the Music Hall of the Buquoy Palace in Prague's Malá Strana. The event was chaired by Jean-Marie Lehn, Nobel Prize laureate in Chemistry (1987), and French Ambassador Stéphane Louis Joseph Crouzat. The ceremony was also attended by two other Nobel Prize winners: Jules Hoffmann (Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, 2011) and Alain Aspect (Nobel Prize in Physics, 2022). Among the attendees were representatives of the sponsors and prominent figures from the Czech scientific and educational communities, such as the President of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prof. RNDr. Eva Zažímalová, CSc., dr. h. c.

Winners of this prize not only receive financial support but also have the unique opportunity to undertake an internship at a prestigious research laboratory in France, opening doors to further professional growth and development.

Exceptional Student Work

Karolína Salvadori, a student at the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague (VŠCHT), impressed the jury with her outstanding doctoral thesis titled "Study of Building Blocks Suitable for Preparation of Functional Receptor Materials for Sensorics." She conducted this project under the expert guidance of Prof. Jiří Ludvík, head of the Department of Molecular Electrochemistry and Catalysis. Karolína's work introduces innovative approaches in the field of chemical sensors.

Collaboration with the Czech Chemical Society

The Chemistry Prize is awarded in collaboration with the Czech Chemical Society, which supports scientific research and education in chemistry. This collaboration highlights the importance of this award and its impact on promoting young scientists in the Czech Republic.

We wish Karolína Salvadori many more successes in her scientific career and look forward to her future contributions to the world of chemical research!