Jiří Dědeček's project succeeded in the prestigious EXPRO competition

The Grant Agency of the Czech Republic has announced the results of a prestigious competition which shows that it will fund 10 new EXPRO projects next year. One of them will be the project of Dr. Jiří Dědeček called Dissociation of molecular nitrogen.

Jiří Dědeček's research focuses on the use of zeolites to catalyse redox reactions. In 2020, he and his team won the Czech Head Award for the creation and description of the structure and reactivity of new, unique types of transition metal cation reaction centres in zeolite matrix and their use in the oxidation of methane to methanol.

The Molecular Nitrogen Dissociation project will address the creation of enzyme-mimicking catalytic centers for molecular nitrogen activation at the atomic level.

The EXPRO competition always supports only the best projects that are supported by international evaluation panels. The aim of EXPRO grants is to create the conditions for the development of excellent research and to set standards for excellent science.

Congratulations to Dr. Jiří Dědeček on receiving this prestigious grant!