Tailoring the lock and key motifs in novel low-dimensional structures at electrified interface

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Grant Agency of the Czech Republic
Molecular Electrochemistry.
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Project proposes the design of novel low-dimensional structures at the electrified interface that contain an array of recognition sites based on the lock and key principle. These structures will be used as supports for novel immunoassay assemblies and for anchoring of the individual electrochemically-addressable molecules. Electron transfer properties of an electrode array based on the sub-nanometer and nanometer-sized cavitands (modified cyclodextrins) will be studied. The lock and key principle ensures that such an interfacial structure admits only one electroactive molecule per active site of the electrode, which is highly desirable in the molecular electronic devices. Complex formation studies of rigid CD dimers may provide a root towards theencapsulation of longer electroactive molecules (molecular wires). Project will use modern electrochemical and surface characterization techniques including methods available through the international collaboration.

doc. Mgr. Hromadová Magdaléna Ph.D.

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