Electrochemical and Corrosion Properties of Fe2ZrSi Heusler Alloy

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Molecular Electrochemistry.
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The aim of the project is detailed study of electrochemical and corrosion properties of intermetallic Fe2ZrSi alloy. Fe2ZrSi alloy belongs to the group of Heusler alloys, which have some unique properties (e.g. magneto-optical ones). In our case, anticorrosion and passivation properties of the alloy will be tested and compared with corrosion behaviour of standard nuclear fuel cladding materials. Modification of the cladding surface by Fe2ZrSi coating could lead to an improvement of anti-corrosion properties and consequently to the extending of fuel life-cycle. Suppressing of corrosion and hydrogen release in high temperature steam (900-1100°C) would increase reactor safety in extreme situations, such as loss of coolant. In the proposed research we will utilize the methodology of Fe2ZrSi deposition, the advanced analytical facilities and our experience of the application of electrochemical techniques enabling the characterization of corrosion and hydrogen evolution reactions under temperatures and pressures typical for pressurized water reactor. Keywords in English: Heusler alloys; zirconium; surface protection; chemical resistance; corrosion; hydrogen evolution

Mgr. Hromadová Magdaléna Ph.D.

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