Cationic redox cataysis and its role in the observation of electrochemical oscilatory phenomena

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Grant Agency of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Molecular Electrochemistry.
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Phenomenon of cationic catalysis will be studied in the electrochemical systems containing organic molecules undergoing two consecutive electron transfers. Possibility to modify the reactivity of the electrochemically generated organic radicals and/or ion radicals is extremely important in the newly emerging field of molecular electronics and this consideration is taken into account in the selection of model systems. Understanding of the effect of cations on the electron transfer rates in conjugated and aromatic systems will facilitate search for the conditions under which the electrochemical systems are stable or show instabilities, complex bifurcation or chaotic behavior. Oscillatory behavior is possible if the catalysis leads to the observation of negative charge transfer resistance. If this is observed a new type of electrochemical oscillator will be studied in the context of recent theories of non-linear dynamical systems. Cooperation with home and foreign partners is envisaged.

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