Synthesis and characterization of semiconducting supramolecules of novel type and their use in preparation of organic transistors (OFETs)

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Molecular Electrochemistry.
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Based on quantum chemical calculations, 6 structural types of new, purely organic semiconducting substances were designed. They are composed from tetrasubstituted double bond (core) and two pyrene units (photo- and redox active centers). There compounds representing new materials for molecular electronics will be synthesized and their structure will be determined. Using in-situ UV-vis /EPR (spectro)electrochemistry, the structure-properties relationship of the individual molecular types will be elucidated and their redox activity, elektron delocalization, stability of radicalic and excited states and other chemical and (photo)physical properties will be investigated. Introduction of suitable substituents on the double bond and pyrene units will be used for tuning and optimization of charge mobility and conducting properties of these new materials. Experimental data will be continuously correlated with theoretical calculations. Selected compounds will be used for preparation of new transistors (OFETs), which will be subsequently tested. The results will be published.

prof. RNDr. Ludvík Jiří CSc.

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