The structure and synthetic applications of transition metal complexes.

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Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic
Organometallic Catalysis.
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The aim of the Center is to overcome a critical capacity of the participating research groups and to share experience, equipment and the methodology between them. The Center will gain new general findings concerning a structure and reactivity of newly prepared complexes and will create a base of knowledge useful for following more detailed research in this area. The aim is also to integrate students to the research work

Key words:
transition metals, catalysis, activation of C-C bond, cyclotrimerization, cyclization, diphosphinoazines, Heck reaction, Suzuki coupling, supramolecular catalysis, dimerization of terminal alkynes, hydroamination, titanocenes, zirconocenes, carbene complexes, metathesis, polymerization

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Mgr. Horáček Michal Ph.D.

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+420 26605 3965, 3735