Preparation, reactivity and electrochemistry of new aminocarbene complexes of chromium and iron.

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Grant Agency of the Czech Republic
Molecular Electrochemistry.
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New chemistry of chromium aminocarbene complexes developed in our laboratory will be exploited. a) Study of the chirality transfer in the photochemical reactions of new enantiomerically pure axially chiral aminocarbene complexes of chromium with alkenes and imines will contribute to the general knowledge of this reaction. Possibility to synthesize chiral cyclobutanones and b-lactams will be also attempted. b) Detailed study of Pd-catalyzed allylic substitution involving Fischer carbenes asnucleophiles will be performed. Especially the difference in the reactivity between alkoxy- and aminocarbenes, enantioselective catalysis, catalysis with different metals (especially Mo and W, which exhibit opposite regioselectivity compared to Pd) and the reactivity of obtained carbenes will be addressed. The results can be used for the preparation of substituted unsaturated carbene complexes useful for the preparation of some polycyclic systems (e.g. steroids).

prof. RNDr. Ludvík Jiří CSc.

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