Organic nanoporous polymers derived from arylacetylenes as materials for hydrogen storage

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Organometallic Catalysis.
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Abstract: Four series of new nanoporous conjugated polymers derived from arylacetylenes willbe prepared as materials for hydrogen storage via its reversible surfacephysisorption. For the synthesis coordination copolymerization,copolycyclotrimerization (partly newly proposed procedures) and quarternizationpolymerization will be applied and combined with the chemistry of protectivegroups and postpolymerization modifications. Polymers prepared will differ inthe character and extent of branching and crosslinking. These parameterstogether with the high content of aromatic moieties and presence ofnon-planarity inducing units will provide permanent nanoporous character ofthese materials and their high efficiency in the hydrogen storage. Thenanoporous parameters of the materials and their efficiency in hydrogen storagewill be determined and the relations between these qualities and materialcomposition, structure and methods of preparation will be studied with the aimto get materials with optimal properties.

RNDr. Balcar Hynek CSc.

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