Functionalization of cyclopentadienyl ligands in Ti and Zr complexes by silanes. Utilization of Si-H bonds in synthesis and catalyst anchoring

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Organometallic Catalysis.
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Titanocene and zirconocene dichlorides containing at least one SiR3-xHx (x = 1 nebo 2, R = alkyl nebo aryl) silyl group on cyclopentadienyl ligands will be synthesized using commercial silyl chlorides by conventional methods. Highly reactive Si-H bonds will be used in intra- or intermolecular reactions leading to the formation of new Si-C or Si-Si bonds. Insertion reactions of unsaturated hydrocarbons into the Si-Si bonds will also be attempted. Reactions of Si-H bonds with unsaturated substrates coordinating to the central metal atom and the catalytic role of the metal in various valence states in these hydrosilylation reactions will be investigated. Using known hydrosilylation catalysts (complexes of Pt, Pd, Rh, Ru) the hydrosilyl-containg complexes will be bonded to polyfunctional unsaturated organic or organometallic compounds with the aim to prepare poly(homo- or hetero)nuclear complexes.

Mgr. Horáček Michal Ph.D.

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