The electron deficient transition metal complexes containing bifunctional beta-diketiminate and cyclopentadienyl ligands - design of new catalysts.

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Grant Agency of the Czech Republic
Synthesis and Reactivity of Catalytic Materials.
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The aim of project will be the preparation of coordination compounds of electron deficient III.B - VI.B group
transition metals containing a stabilizing N-chelate forming ligands and a cyclopentadienyl ring. As the base of N-chelate-forming ligands beta-diketiminates will be used, more exactly their newly synthesized bifunctional analogues containing in addition to skeletal nitrogen atoms also some hemilabile groups (either O or N atoms), capable of additional coordination to the metal atom. Both types of ligands can be modified by the introduction of functional groups to the skeleton of the beta-diketiminate or cyclopentadienyl molecules and tuning thus the electronic and steric properties of prepared organometallic compounds. The combination of variously substituted ligands with different coordination capabilities present on one metallic atom will afford for some further modifications of prepared complexes for application in chemical reactions. Since the compounds under discussion are coordinatively unsaturated, the possibility of using these compounds in various catalytically processes will be studied, including oligo-, poly- and copolymerization of olefins, alkynes, hydroamination reactions, copolymerization of epoxides and carbon dioxide, ring-opening polymerization of lactide and lactones.

Mgr. Horáček Michal Ph.D.

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