Research Interests of Department of Structure and Dynamics in Catalysis

Synthesis, structure and reactivity of heterogeneous catalysts based on 3D alumosilicate and carbon matrices:

● Analysis and control of Al organization in the framework of zeolite matrices

● Synthesis and application of zeolites with unique properties (Al-rich beta zeolite)

● Design and structural analysis on the atomic level of catalytic centres stabilized in 3D matrices

● Effect of Al organization in the zeolite matrix on the performance of zeolite catalyst in redox and acid catalysed reactions

● Highly effective transformations of hydrocarbons

● N2O and NO/NO2 abatement

● Methane conversion to liquids using molecular oxygen and N2O

● Selective oxidation of hydrocarbons by molecular oxygen and N2O

● CO2 activation

● Synthesis of 3D graphene and its application in catalysis and sorption

● Development of techniques for the analysis of the structure of heterogeneous solids on an atomic level (ss-NMR, FTIR, Mӧssbauer, UV-Vis-NIR absorption and emission spectroscopies)

● Analysis of surface-bound reactive intermediates at ex-situ and in-situ reaction conditions employing transient modes of the catalytic process

● Theoretical approaches for modeling of the catalyst-structure-reactant systems


 Department of Structure and Dynamics in Catalysis


Department of Structure-and-Dynamics-in-Catalysis
Photo of the department (XI/2015)

Department of Structure-and-Dynamics-in-Catalysis
From the Archive - some scientists of the department in September 2012
Source: K. Stejskalová, archive JHI


Department of Structure and Dynamics in Catalysis