Research Interests of Department of Electrochemical Materials

Synthesis and characterization of nanocrystalline, supramolecular and composite materials. Research is aimed at functional mesoscopic materials, applicable in electrochemistry, photoelectrochemistry, photocatalysis, optical and Raman spectroelectrochemistry.

Identification and elucidation of specific properties of materials, which are unique to mesoscopic dimensions. Of particular interest are nanocrystals and solid particles of special morphologies, such as nanofibres and highly organized mesoporous thin films.

Mesoscopic electrode materials

The research directions are:

  • Carbonaceous materials, such as carbon nanotubes, fullerenes, fullerene peapods, nanodiamond and oligoynes.
  • Oxidic semiconductors, especially Ti(IV) oxides including ternary oxides.
  • Novel electrode materials based on Li-Fe-Mn phosphate olivines.
  • Supported metal and metal oxide nanoparticle assemblies.

Electrochemical conversion and accumulation of energy

The research directions are:

  • Conversion of solar to electrical energy in dye sensitized solar cells.
  • Accumulation of electrical energy in Li-ion batteries.


The research directions are:

  • Mechanistic studies of photocatalytic mineralization of model molecules and environmental pollutants.
  • Development of photocatalysts and photocatalytic devices for purification of water and air.

Gaseous nanodomains on immersed electrode surfaces

The research directions are:

  • Nanobubble-assisted nanostructuring and templating
  • Surface nanobubble assemblies and immersed quasi-2D nanofoams and their role in processes at solid-liquid interface 


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