The path to science: we develop talent and creativity of youth and children through year-round programs

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Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic
0004/7/NAD/2023 (ústavní úkol č. 405123)
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4 modules (internships, summer school and chemistry course, year-long chemistry clubs) that streamline the work with talented students in natural sciences, are among the regularly implemented programs of the educative PEXED team of scientists from the Heyrovsky Institute. Team of trainers with long-term experience in this way works with the target group of "talented primary and secondary school pupils interested in natural sciences". The team of scientists cooperates with the teachers from schools (more than 100 from all over Czech Republic) with the result of increased interest of students in studying the sciences.

Ing. Stejskalová Květoslava CSc.

106, EDU room
+420 26605 3265, 3036