Functionalization of biomaterial surfaces by bioactive substances: from fundamentals to application

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Grant Agency of the Czech Republic
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The project focuses on knowledge-based design of functional surfaces of polymeric materials for medical applications. The main goal is to develop and optimize an innovative method of sonochemical synthesis and embedment of bioactive substances nanoparticles into the surfaces of various polymeric materials with the use of ultrasounds. The resulting materials will thus be enriched with an auxiliary function of the controlled release of bioactive compounds. The research hypothesis assumes that the release kinetics of specific bioactive substances can be controlled by adjusting the size of nanoparticles and their embedment depth. The research strategy relies on a synergy between theoretical and experimental approaches, with state-of-the- art molecular modeling coupled with advanced surface modification and characterization techniques. Thus, the molecular-level understanding of the mechanisms of drug embedment and release obtained from molecular dynamics will be employed for fine-tuning the experiments aiming at precise implant surface functionalization.

prof. Dr. hab. Cwiklik Lukasz Ph.D.