Electrochemical and analytical aspects of the transport of addictive and psychotropic drugs across the model biological barriers.

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The project will be focused on the kinetics and thermodynamics of transfer of selected antipsychotic, antidepressant and analgesic drugs in their ionic forms across the polarized liquidliquid interfaces and liquid membranes, as model biological barriers, and on the development of amperometric drug ion-selective electrodes based on this methodology. Attention will be paid to the study of electrochemically driven transfers of charged drugs from the polar hydrophilic (buffer water solution) liquid environments (simulating blood, plasma and other cellular systems) to the hydrophobic (lipophilic) media (simulating drug carriers, biological phospholipid membranes, etc.) and vice versa. Evaluation of the lipophilicity of ionic and neutral drug forms, estimation of distribution coefficients, partition coefficients and dissociation constants will be investigated by the ion transfer voltammetry. That will contribute to the deeper understanding of the drugs controlled releases from the drug carriers. Developed sensors will be additionally used for the drugs metabolic conversion research.

RNDr. Langmaier Jan CSc.

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