New host materials and structures for advanced lithium-sulfur batteries

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The project New host materials and structures for advanced lithium-sulfur batteries is focused on the preparation of electronically conductive host materials based on nanocrystalline porous transition metal oxides, ternary oxides and nitrides with morphology enabling sulfur accommodation and providing space for volume changes accompanying electrochemical reactions on cathode. Prepared host structures will show fast Li+ conductivity and will adsorb effectively Li polysulfides. They will be prepared by sol-gel, hydrothermal or solid–state synthesis. Final composite with sulfur prepared by solvothermal process, ball milling, chemical co-precipitation or melting diffusion will be characterized by X-ray diffraction, electron microscopy, adsorption and electrochemical methods. Correlation between host material composition, structure and morphology and composite electrochemical behavior together with elucidation of particular components interactions enable preparation of optimum host material for Li-S batteries cathode with high charge capacity and excellent cycling stability.

RNDr. Zukalová Markéta Ph.D.

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