Cross sections and dynamics of electron scattering on molecular systems

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Grant Agency of the Czech Republic
Dynamics and Kinetics of Ion - Molecule Collisions. Organic Mass Spectrometry.
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This project aims at measuring cross sections for electron collisions with isolated molecular systems. We will focus on the energy range 0-20 eV, where the scattering is dominated by formation of resonances. The primary motivation is to provide high-quality experimental data that are needed for modelling and understanding environments with high abundance of free electrons. This concerns mainly low-temperature plasmas of technological or astrochemical relevance. The choice of the target systems is additionally driven by the current advances in the high-voltage insulation technology or in electron-induced nanodeposition. We will use unique electron-scattering setups that have been (and will be) transferred to the applicant's laboratory and expand them by adding a velocity-map imaging capacity. This will provide additional insight into ultrafast motion of atomic nuclei during the scattering process.

Mgr. Fedor Juraj Ph.D.

+420 26605 3636