High-energy ion-induced ionization and dissociation for mass spectrometry analysis

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Grant Agency of the Czech Republic
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The aim of this project is to explore the possibilities of a new type of tandem mass spectrometry experiment for analytical purposes. In this experiment, the ions trapped in a linear ion trap (LIT) are exposed to a beam of high (keV) kinetic energy ions. In the frame of this project, an istrument setup will be constructed that will combine a sector type mass spectrometer (MS), quadrupoles and LIT. MS will serve as a source of high-energy ions. LIT, located between the magnetic and electrostatic analyzer, will be filled with quadrupole-selected ions from an external ion source. For the analysis of the product a second quadrupole analyzer will be used. A substantial portion of the components required to build the proposed setup (MS, quadrupole, external ion source, electronics) is already available in the proposer’s laboratory, which significantly reduces the costs and time requirements of the implementation of the project. The performance and possibilities of this technique will be verified by a number of experiments with selected model compounds.

Mgr. Polášek Miroslav Ph.D.

209, 07 (suterén)
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