Three tools of an academic institution aiming at an effective inclusion of the young generation into science and research: Information - iNtership - PRESentatION

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Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic
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The project proposal, whose is aimed to attract young people to research activities and by this manner to stimulate their interests in the scientific work as a possible profession, is a continuation of the long term activities of the J. Heyrovský Institute in this field such as “The Days of Open Doors“ or popularizing lectures of the Institute scientists. In our proposal, this type of simple training actions is extended to more dynamic educational programs including the year-round or summer stays for the high-school students in the scientific teams on the one hand as well as the Summer schools and special workshops for undergraduated and graduated (PhD) students on the other hand.

Key words: information, analysis, data, student, scientist, young people, science, research, education, career, chemical physics, theoretical chemistry, catalysis, electrochemistry, summer school, workshop, intership, video presentation of laboratories, web presentation, interactive CD-ROM, exhibition.

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