"Smart structure" mesoporous TiO2 layers with antibacterial and switschable wetting properties

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Sol – Gel Microstructured Materials.
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Highly ordered mesoporous films of TiO2 with precisely controlled morphological properties and crystallinity will be prepared by the optimized EISA method. Owing to their exceptional properties, the films will exhibit substantially higher photocatalytic activity in the decomposition of deposits of liquid and solid compounds comparing with the non-porous ones. The reason is the removal of the restrictive effect of the transport of O2 and water molecules towards the photocatalytically active surface. Moreover these mesoporous layers will exhibit easily attainable and substantially stable illumination induced superhydrophilicity. The synergy of these properties will enable to construct self-cleaning surfaces with markedly higher efficiency comparing to existing materials. Special attention will be devoted to the deep understanding of the physico-chemical principles governing the wetting properties.

Ing. Rathouský Jiří CSc.

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