Fast screening of biologically active low-molecular weight compounds in biological materials by microfluidic techniques

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Grant Agency of the Czech Republic
Molecular Electrocatalysis.
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Purpose of the proposed research is to develop two electrophoretic methods for a fast screening of biologically active low-molecular weight substances in biological materials. Research program comprises: (1) selection and test of new construction materials and litographic techniques enabling to produce the system of injection and separation channels on a single microchip for the total analysis of the biological sample, (2) design of a multidimensional detection system for a simultaneous acquisition of the electrochemical, conductivity and optical (photometric or fluorometric) signal at the same place in the separation channel, and (3) testing of the alternative method based on the electrophoretic separation in very short capillaries (10 cm). Expected deliverables of the project include (1) the fabrication of the microfluidic/multidimensional detection electrophoretic system, (2) assessment of the suitability of electrophoresis in short capillaries.

RNDr. Langmaier Jan CSc.

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