Utilization of Optimized Photocatalytic Nanocompostes for Depollution of Air from Harmful Contaminants

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Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic
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The applicants long-term collaborate in the research, development and practical applications of photocatalytic materials. These materials provide a surface with an extraordinary high oxidation potential, when activated by UV radiation. In an environment containing oxygen, the surface is able to effectively petrify contaminated air of molecules and microscopic particles of hazardous organics and some inorganic compounds. Introduction of this new environmental technology into the daily practice requires further research and answering a series of questions related to its practical application as a method of protecting the environment and reducung air pollutions in urban and industrial areas and locations with heavy traffic. The main objective of the project is the research and development of photocatalytic materials and optimizing their efficiency and usability for air decontamination from hazardous substances. Further, it includes development of testing methods helping introduction of this technology into practice for cleaning indoor air and the removal of hazardous substances ( air pollution) from the environment. 

Ing. Rathouský Jiří CSc.

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