The upgrading of the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis products into alternative motor fuels and other refinery products and the research of their properties

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Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic
Synthesis and Reactivity of Catalytic Materials.
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Abstract: The research project is aimed at the determination of the standard fuel properties of the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis (FTS) products and at the examination of the possibilities of their upgrading by means of the current refinery technologies in the Czech republic into alternative fuels. An experimental unit will be constructed and typical FTS products will be synthesized and characterized. Attention will be paid to catalyst synthesis and their modification and characterization, as well. The prepared FTS products will be, after detailed characterization, upgraded in mixtures with petroleum feedstocks by means of the refinery technologies available in the Czech republic in experimental equipments. The quality of the products will be compared to that of the corresponding motor fuels.

Keywords in English: Fischer-Tropsch (FT) synthesis; FT products; gasoline; diesel; wax; alternative fuels; refinery and petrochemical upgrading; hydrocracking; detailed analysis of FT products; FT catalysts; catalyst characterization; promoters

Recipient: Výzkumný ústav anorganické chemie, a.s.

3 subrecipients: JHI, ČESKÁ RAFINÉRSKÁ, a.s., ICHT in Prague

doc. Ing. Sobalík Zdeněk CSc.

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