Transfer of charge in single and assembled molecules.

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Grant Agency of the Czech Republic
Molecular Electrochemistry.
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The electron transfer through organic molecules is in the focus of few leading laboratories. The objective is the understanding of the charge propagation in compounds motivated by visions of logic elements and rectifiers on molecular basis, efficiency ofnatural catalysts transporting electrons over large distance and surface structures with specific redox recognition or molecular motion. Experimental techniques providing data on charge propagation through single molecules are highly demanding, expensive, still under development, and yielding often controversial information. Published data use rather simple model molecules. We propose a joint research of two institutes specialized in electrochemistry and in synthesis. Research will involve characterization of the heterogeneous electron transfer between metallic surface and molecules, anchoring of active molecules to surfaces and the propagation of charge (the molecular conductivity and inductance) through single molecules...

doc. RNDr. Pospíšil Lubomír CSc.