Tailoring polymeric implant coatings against bacteria attachment: a knowledge-based approach

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Grant Agency of the Czech Republic
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This project aims to investigate molecular-level interactions between polymeric surfaces and bacteria to minimize bacterial attachment to implant coatings. Functionalized polymers are often used to coat metal implants to improve their characteristics. However, functionalization can also increase the unwanted bacteria affinity, leading to post-implantation infections. We will develop and employ a novel biomimetic system consisting of lipid microdroplets covered with bacterial lipopolysaccharides to investigate the basis of bacteria-functionalized polymeric coatings interactions. The experiments will be coupled to in silico molecular modeling employing state-of- the-art atomistic models to improve understanding of polysaccharide-polymer interactions at the molecular level. The project aims to identify specific bacterial lipopolysaccharide moieties that cause bacteria to bind to functionalized polymeric materials and propose new knowledge-based functionalization strategies that can reduce bacteria attachment.

prof. Dr. hab. Cwiklik Lukasz Ph.D.