Smart materials for the complex protection of the surfaces of historical buildings

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Grant Agency of the Czech Republic
Synthesis and Reactivity of Catalytic Materials.
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The project is aimed at the development of novel methods for the efficient protection of the surfaces of historical buildings, including their cleaning, consolidation and preventive protection. The preparation of efficient cleaning systems will be based on a modular principle combining surfactant solutions and specific solvents chosen according to the target species to provide microemulsions, which will be incorporated into the 3-dimensional network of gels. The ethylsilicate consolidants with improved mechanical properties will be prepared by embedding nanoparticles and creating wider mesopores while suppressing the formation of undesired micropores. The novel consolidants based on hydroxyapatite will provide an efficient consolidation of the surfaces of calcareous materials. The hydrophobization of solid materials with a thin hydrophilic surface layer is a completely novel approach. Efficient water-based hydrophobization systems will be obtained by the stabilization of an emulsion of hydrophobizing agent using a combination of the effect of one or more surfactants.

Ing. Rathouský Jiří CSc.

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