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The idea of SLAVIA (Space Laboratory for Advanced Variable Instruments and Applications) project is a mission of two 12U CubeSats with three scientific payloads designed to fulfil a simple goal: to prove a concept of a low-cost satellite able to provide spectral analysis of NEO composition. SLAVIA will be equipped with a hyperspectral camera for analysis of meteor ablation plasma, a mass spectrometer exploring the dust composition on orbit and a radio antenna telling us crucial information needed for plasma spectral analysis. SLAVIA would be a first step in demonstrating, in Earth orbit, the required capability for asteroid space resources exploration. SLAVIA will pave the way to develop future missions using similar techniques for exploring the Apophis resources in situ in 2029, and later on, on the Moon in the 2030s.The long-term goal is creating an evidence-based map of resource wealth and unlocking the possibility of reasonable space mining.

RNDr. Ferus Martin Ph.D.

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