Simulation of Meteor Plasma using Terawatt Laser: Experiments, Theory and Real Observations

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Grant Agency of the Czech Republic
Molecular Spectroscopy and Photochemistry.
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The proposed research focuses on real meteor spectra and their interpretation by spectroscopy of plasma generated using high power Terawatt laser facility PALS, theoretical models of plasma and software developed based on experimental and theoretical data. The spectra are recorded by our institutional spectral meteor cameras or by other observatories in CEMENT and BRAMON networks, and subsequently will be simulated in laboratory using ablation by high power lasers and the Terrawatt laser PALS. In laboratory, plasma will be diagnosed by the unique technique of time resolved high resolution Fourier transform continuously scanning spectroscopy and by Echelle high resolution spectrograph in the UV/VIS spectral ranges. Dynamical aspects of the plasma and its influence on the spectra will be also subject of the research (descent of the impacting body in the atmosphere, subsequent ablation of the surface, changes in physical and chemical conditions). The spectra will be assigned using quantum calculations, the chemistry and physics of the plasma will be simulated using kinetic models.

RNDr. Ferus Martin Ph.D.

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