Silicalite Nanofilms with Tunable Properties as a Perspective Biomaterial

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Chemistry of Surfaces, Interfaces and Thin Films (Photoelectron Spectroscopy). Surface Interactions on Metals.
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Abstract: We propose to investigate the preparation of silicalite nanofilms (SNF), with tunable properties of their inner and outer surfaces, supported on Si wafers and Ti-6Al-4V alloy coupons. Due to their unique chemical, mechanical and biological properties, the SNFs are promising for novel anti corrosive coating of materials from the perspective of fabrication for new bone replacements. However, the optimal properties of SNF for this application are not yet known. We will develop the tuning procedures of the inner and outer SNF surface properties, including topography, morphology,roughness and wettability of the SNF outer surface, and pore and defective structure of inner SNF surface. This series of SNF samples with tuned surface parameters will be used for investigation of protein adsorption and tested by in vitro cell experiments. Thus, a prepared series of the films will help to understand the mechanisms governing cell-material interaction. The results will be helpful for the development of novel material coatings for bone implants with optimized biocompatibility. Keywords in English: silicalite nanofilms; surface topography; wettability; porous structure; biocompatibility

RNDr. Jirka Ivan CSc.

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