Selectivity control of anodic reactions applicable in chlor-alkaline and chlorate processes

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The project intends to reveal, through a systematic study, the role and nature of the active sites in the chlorine evolving reactions. This knowledge will be consequently used to design novel catalytic materials for chlor-alkali and sodium chlorate processes. To achieve this goal, the project aims to synthesize and characterize a range of binary and ternary oxides identified in computational studies and relate the structure to their electrochemical activity. This effort will contribute to elucidate the reaction mechanism for chlorine evolution reaction which is far from being understood and enable to design novel catalysts decreasing the energy intensiveness of the process. The project’s topic represents a new research avenue that has to be explored in order to maximize the efficiency of chlorine and sodium chlorate production while minimizing the costs.

Dr. Ing. Minhová - Macounová Kateřina

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