Reactivity of s,p-/d- Bimetallic Nanostructures.

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Grant Agency of the Czech Republic
Chemistry of Surfaces, Interfaces and Thin Films (Photoelectron Spectroscopy). Surface Interactions on Metals.
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The project will be targeted to the specific field of bimetallic interactions with large fundamental and technological importance - interaction of transition metals with metals having s,p- metal electronic configuration, often used in oxide form as support. The project will create an advanced platform of knowledge and associated analytical and evaluation "tools" based on an extensive use of complementary surface sensitive techniques. The main goal will be to bridge the gap between model and real catalysts. Catalytically active atomically structured heteroepitaxial metal-metal systems prepared by growing ultra-thin films on metallic substrates will be prepared and the chemical reactivity of such systems will be tested. Nanosized bimetallic clusters with alloy and/or core-shell structure, e.g. Pd-Sn, Ti-Au, Ni-Sn, will be deposited on oxide surfaces.

Ing. Plšek Jan Ph.D.

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