Novel Methodology for the Determination of the Rate of Ion-Transfer Across Liquid/Liquid Interfaces (ITIES)

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The study of ion-transfer across the interface between two immiscible electrolyte solutions (ITIES) can lend new insight into important interfacial processes of physicochemical, technological and biological importance. Surprisingly high rates of iontransfer have been recently obtained via nanopipette voltammetry conducted under steady-state conditions. The results of these studies contradict previous results obtained at micrometer-sized ITIES using ac impedance (EIS). The results of these two studies differ by two orders of magnitude! This project aims to elucidate the origin of this discrepancy and proposes a new, faithful experimental methodology to measure rates of ion-transfer across the ITIES. Novel nanoscopic ITIES will be designed and the rates of ion-transfer across the novel nanointerfaces determined via EIS. The project will incorporate fluctuation analysis, previously shown to reveal otherwise undetectable physicochemical processes associated with interfacial ion-transfer. Results from this project will be modelled and compared with all reviously reported studies.

The project aims to develop methodology for the determination of the rate of ion ransfer across liquid/liquid interfaces. Variation between rates obtained at micro- and those obtained at nano-sized interfaces will be explained. Results from static and dynamic experimental methods will be compared.

prof. Ing. Mareček Vladimír DrSc.

+420 26605 2073