Molecular resonances and their dynamics

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Development and Application of Quantum Chemical Methods
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Resonance atomic and molecular states (transient negative ions, unstable and metastable states, etc.) play essential roles in many areas of physics, chemistry, biology and applied science. For example, resonant electron-molecule collisions which are based on the formation of an unstable (resonance) state drive almost all chemical processes associated with radiation chemistry, environmental chemistry, plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition, plasma processing of materials for microelectronic devices and other applications. These states are also of fundamental importance for astrophysics, physics of planetary atmospheres, physics at ultralow temperatures, etc. This project is devoted to the study of atomic and molecular unstable states and to the development of methods for calculation of unstable states for molecules of current interest. As a dominant unifying approach the method of analytical continuation of various functions will be used. Methods of mathematical statistics will be used to substantiate and improve the quality of the obtained results.

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