Materials engineering of the conduction band edge in oxide semiconductors

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The project will upgrade our recent study of the conduction band in TiO2 single crystals in different environments (vacuum, air, water, electrolyte solution) by investigation of: (i) other single crystals (SnO2 and ZnO), (ii) polycrystalline thin films made from the same semiconductor materials (TiO2, SnO2 and ZnO) and (iii) specific properties of coupled phases TiO2 (anatase/rutile – single crystal/polycrystalline film) which are relevant for photocatalysis. This project will bring fundamentally new information about electronic structure of these materials in various forms and interfaces. Syntheses will provide a palette of rationally designed electrode materials for subsequent characterisation by the relevant electrochemical and nonelectrochemical methods. The principal output will be the extension of our knowledge and solving of the persisting literature conflicts. The next output will be an array of judiciously designed and accurately characterised advanced materials which will be important for photocatalysis and various applications in energy conversion and storage.

prof. RNDr. Kavan Ladislav CSc., DSc.

+420 26605 3975