Laser decomposition of cobalt and nickel carbonyls in the preence of acetylene for preparation of carbon encapsulated metal nanoparticles

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Chemistry of Surfaces, Interfaces and Thin Films (Photoelectron Spectroscopy). Surface Interactions on Metals.
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Abstract: The main aim of this proposal is preparation of amorphous cobalt and nickel nanoparticles encapsulated in carbon by chemical vapour deposition technique. Three volatile carbonyl precursors of metals and acetylene as carbon source will be used for excimerlaser induced deposition of nanoparticles. The reaction course will be studied and obtained results along with analysis of final products will help us to elucidate reaction mechanisms. Different reaction conditions study (partial pressure of the precursors, laser fluence) will enable to optimize the deposition process. Annealing of samples up to 1100 °C will be performed. Crystallization processes of metal core and its catalytic influence on formation of diamond shells will be studied. Differentconditions (temperature and time of heating) will be applied. Full characterization of both amorphous and nanocrystalline particles is expected using variety of spectroscopy and microscopy techniques.

RNDr. Bastl Zdeněk CSc.

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