Imaging photochemical processes in free nanoparticles

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Grant Agency of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
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Clusters and nanoparticles as a form of matter intermediate between atoms (or molecules) and the bulk allow a study of the evolution of a property from the atom towards the condensed matter.
Irradiating these species with a UV-laser pulse, it is possible to study processes relevant for ozone depletion on the polar stratospheric clouds or for the radiation damage of DNA. The main purpose of this proposal is to build a new molecular beam apparatus with ion imaging detection of the photodissociation products. The new technique will allow to monitor the effect of the cluster environment on the photodissociation dynamic of the molecules and clusters relevant to atmospheric and biological chemistry. The dependence of the kinetic energy distribution of the photolysis products on the cluster size, structure and bonding in various cluster species will be studied.

Mgr. Potery Viktorie Ph.D.

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